a module loading adventure of the "great success" variety

okay! so, yesterday, and the day before that, and a little bit today, but mostly yesterday (in fact, for just about all of yesterday), I put together two patches in my stgit tree which I called cgroups-revamp-subsys-array.patch and cgroups-subsys-module-interface.patch, satisfying (in a very rudimentary way) #2 and #3 from the roadmap. (#1 turned out to be something I needed to keep but work around anyway... details not important now.) I made sure they compiled and went to bed.

Today, after looking at ns_cgroup.c and devices_cgroup.c and realizing that they couldn't really be modularized easily, I threw together a skeleton subsystem modeled after the other ones that adds a file "hax" that wraps a global variable whose value determines whether you can attach tasks to the cgroup or not. All right, now let's follow this guide that elly pointed me at to get it to build as a module...

WARNING: "cgroup_load_subsys" [/home/bblum/Documents/School/F09/412/hax/cgroup_test1.ko] undefined!
WARNING: "cgroup_add_file" [/home/bblum/Documents/School/F09/412/hax/cgroup_test1.ko] undefined!

Well, they're just warnings, so try loading the module anyway, right? (Note: I use insmod instead of modprobe because the latter wants infrastructure and dependencies, and the former can just take any random file from the filesystem.)

livecd / # mount -t hostfs none -o /home/bblum/412 /mnt/host/
livecd / # cd /mnt/host/hax/
livecd hax # insmod cgroup_test1.ko
cgroup_test1: Unknown symbol cgroup_load_subsys
cgroup_test1: Unknown symbol cgroup_add_file
insmod: error inserting 'cgroup_test1.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module

It was worth a shot, though. Turns out I need to EXPORT_SYMBOL(...) everything I'll need for the module in kernel/cgroup.c. For now, I just do the functions my subsystem uses; later, I'll need to worry about functions that -any- subsystem might use. Next:

livecd hax # insmod cgroup_test1.ko
cgroup_test1: version magic '2.6.31-rc9-mm1-gf013913 mod_unload ' should be '2.6.31-rc9-mm1-ge40e265 mod_unload '
insmod: error inserting 'cgroup_test1.ko': -1 Invalid module format

It took too long to realize that the kernel I'd most recently booted somehow had something different enough to change the vermagic string from the most recent time I'd built it, which is what I'd built the module against. Okay. Rebooting UML, and going to get it right this time.

livecd hax # insmod cgroup_test1.ko
Kernel panic - not syncing: Kernel mode signal 4
Modules linked in: cgroup_test1(+)
Segmentation fault

I had deliberately left out the ".module = THIS_MODULE" line in test1_subsys when first building it, to see what would happen when cgroup_load_subsys tried to pin the module... and promptly forgotten about it. Putting the line in, finally, and:

livecd dev # lsmod
Module Size Used by
livecd dev # mount -t cgroup none -o test1 cgroup/
mount: special device none does not exist
livecd dev # insmod /mnt/host/hax/cgroup_test1.ko
livecd dev # lsmod
Module Size Used by
cgroup_test1 2512 1 [permanent]
livecd dev # mount -t cgroup none -o test1 cgroup/
livecd dev # ls cgroup/
cgroup.procs notify_on_release release_agent tasks test1.hax
livecd dev # mkdir cgroup/foo
livecd dev # echo $$ > cgroup/foo/tasks
bash: echo: write error: Operation not permitted
livecd dev # echo 42 > cgroup/foo/test1.hax
livecd dev # echo $$ > cgroup/foo/tasks
livecd dev #


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