Midsemester plan (as seen in the 412 project volume!)

milestones! \o_

this week:
clean up my work for my other classes and get my brain back in shape! possibly even refactor some of the code that i have identified as needing refactoring. also stop being so lazy and mirror my work/source tree in the project volume.

next week:
polish up my current features - namely, the so-far-implemented subsys[] modifications, and module interface within cgroups, and the conversion of net_cls to be able to be modulificarized. possibly even submit first draft to LKML and folks, get reviews!

week after (nov 1-7):
think up how to do module unloading support; logistics of pinning the subsystems when loaded and letting them go when a hierarchy is unmounted. possibly begin implementing this thing. possibly consider any reviews gotten on LKML for first submission.

nov 8-14:
work should be moving along solidly on module unloading and/or fixing lkml reviews.

nov 15-21:
one or both of above should be finished. shoot for another submission to lkml around this time?

nov 22-28:
if not lkmled last week, module unloading should be first-draft done and thinged this week.

nov 29-dec 5:
rest of semester should be dedicated to finalizing everything and making the critics from lkml happy

grading criteria! _o/

C: idea rejected or otherwise falls apart somehow, implementation turns out to be very shaky, didn't get any shininess done on top of the rudimentary stuff.

B: implementation possibly a little shaky, the lkml dudes don't like it yet, a sizeable amount more work to be done before it can be called a real feature, not a lot of shininess. alternatively, a bare rudimentary implementation taken by lkml but with nothing shiny at all (i.e., pretty much what functionality i have now and nothing more)

A: implementation solid, most likely accepted to lkml by the end of semester, or if not, should be clearly on its way to that soon. at least a moderate amount of shininess, whether from module unloading or otherwise, should be present.

A++++ with a hug and a star-shaped sticker: shines more brilliantly than the sun, great features, accepted into kernel for sure by end of semester, works flawlessly and highly lauded by big-name developers as great development in computing. nobel peace prize possibly awarded.

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