lesson: never hack when it won't solve the entire problem.

I'd like to share some code I wrote for a particularly misguided solution to a yak-shaving quest. Fortunately, soon afterwards, I realized a much better way to dodge the bullet that I was here trying to take in the chest and stagger back to camp while screaming for help... so this code will never see the light of day.

That's good, because I also think it has a fatal flaw. I won't say it, but I'll give an exposition so you can figure it out. Here's the idea:
  1. You are not allowed to block, sleep, or otherwise yield while in an "atomic" section of code (usually because it means interrupts are disabled). In order to safely iterate over a thread-group, you need to hold either rcu_read_lock or tasklist_lock, both of which are low-level locks and constitute "atomic" code while being held.
  2. In kernel/cpuset.c, cpuset_change_task_nodemask has two steps, and a check between those steps which does a yield to synchronize its internal state (as part of an open-coded replacement for a proper concurrency primitive... ugh. from commit c0ff7453bb5c7c98e0885fb94279f2571946f280 on mmotm). Here I have changed it to return -EAGAIN instead of yielding, so the caller can synchronize "more appropriately".
  3. get_task_struct and put_task_struct manage a thread's reference count. After you've done get_task_struct, it will always be safe to access that memory, until you release it. If you call put_task_struct and you're the last one with a reference count, it does a bunch of cleanup. (interesting read here, perhaps a hint.)

1456         /*
1457          * This particular per-task operation requires being able to sleep, so
1458          * it can't be done in the attach_task callback, where sleeping is
1459          * forbidden. See cgroup_attach_proc.
1460          */
1461         if (threadgroup) {
1462                 struct task_struct *c = NULL;
1463 again:
1464                 rcu_read_lock();
1465                 /* ensure safe thread-group traversal */
1466                 if (thread_group_leader(tsk)) {
1467                         list_for_each_entry_rcu(c, &tsk->thread_group,
1468                                                 thread_group) {
1469                                 get_task_struct(c);
1470                                 ret = cpuset_change_task_nodemask(c,
1471                                                 &cpuset_attach_nodemask_to);
1472                                 /*
1473                                  * on a failed nodemask change, we need to exit
1474                                  * the atomic section and start over.
1475                                  */
1476                                 if (ret == -EAGAIN) {
1477                                         rcu_read_unlock();
1478                                         yield();
1479                                         goto again;
1480                                 }
1481                                 put_task_struct(c);
1482                         }      
1483                         rcu_read_unlock();
1484                 } else if (c != NULL) {
1485                         /*
1486                          * if racing with exec caused an abort, we need to
1487                          * finish the rebind operation in progress on it.
1488                          */
1489                         rcu_read_unlock();
1490                         do {
1491                                 ret = cpuset_change_task_nodemask(c,
1492                                                 &cpuset_attach_nodemask_to);
1493                                 if (ret == -EAGAIN)
1494                                         yield();
1495                         } while (ret != -EAGAIN)
1496                         put_task_struct(c);
1497                 }              
1498         } else {
1499                 do {
1500                         ret = cpuset_change_task_nodemask(tsk,
1501                                         &cpuset_attach_nodemask_to);
1502                         if (ret == -EAGAIN)
1503                                 yield();
1504                 } while (ret != -EAGAIN);
1505         }

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