welcome to my 412 project's blog: project proposal [repost]

following is the preliminary (read: rough) project proposal I submitted a week or two ago, as per this guide.

PROJECT PROPOSAL - Linux CGroups: Subsystems as Modules

This project aims to alter the cgroups infrastructure to support subsystems as kernel modules. cgroups will need to be enhanced to deal with subsystems that are "not there", and for each subsysem some consideration will need to be done on the implications of it being dynamically loaded. This will entail a wide and thorough, but not deep and intricate, development on the core cgroups code, and changes on subsystems possibly ranging from superficial to major depending on the particular nature.

The control groups mechanism in Linux is currently implemented as a core part of the kernel, mostly in kernel/cgroup.c, with various peripheral code (mostly subsystem-wise) scattered throughout a few other files (sched.c, ns_cgroup.c, memcontrol.c, etcetera). As it is a rather high-level part of the kernel, all of it is in C, and the development process is standard linux kernel devel, complete with LKML submissions at the end (read: surprise, more work to do).

As this project is enabling module functionality for subsystems, the task will begin with energy being dedicated to understanding the modules system within linux. At about the same time, an interface with which to see the modules will have to be developed, and only after knowing what's going on will modulifying begin (naturally).

As far as linux development goes, cgroups seems to be fairly relatively slow. A patch series from my work over the summer is currently being landed, and may cause excitement with this project if it takes too long. Other than that, clashes should be minor enough.

Development will be done in the mmotm ("mm of the moment") tree, using stgit on top of git. Testing can be done in both UML, for convenience, and on real hardware, for completeness. I'll likely enough collaborate with Paul Menage (mentor at google, responsible for most cgroups stuff) for guidance. Hopefully submissions to LKML will start a good way through the semester, and revisions and refinery will be done by the end.

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